Cara's story

Everything seemed to go to my gut!

Every emotion sat in my belly, sometimes it seemed whatever I ate caused me pain! My gut was so sensitive, every anxious situation left me depleted and frustrated with my body.

I was the 8-year-old with a sore, bloated belly who grew into an anxious teen with a colon so raw and inflamed I was on the cusp of major surgery.

One night in hospital my soul stretched out from me, and I glimpsed my body through the bright lens of compassion. I was held in a vast space of love I didn’t know existed.

This moment changed my life!

I understood for the first time how much I needed to listen to my body, and to honour my gut.

So, when my Gastroenterologist told me that food wasn’t a factor, every instinct in my body told me it was.

I knew I had to trust my gut – my life depended on it!

I’d always had a healthy disrespect for authority – I leaned into this, researched, and found the evidence that diet shapes chronic disease and the gut microbiome.

But my instinct told me I had to go deeper, so I deepened my training in mindfulness and self-compassion with some of the greatest living teachers I could find.

Weeks after leaving hospital – still painfully thin and high on pain meds – I sat on a French hillside with over 1000 people from around the world to receive profound teachings on the nature of mind.

I lay on the earth – I felt it ground and heal my body. When I touched foods, my gut would tell me if it would heal or harm me. My body was speaking to me in a way I didn’t know was possible.

I discovered the more I did the inner work to deepen my gut compassion, the easier the outer work. It became natural to choose the foods that soothed and calmed my gut.

All this time I didn’t talk to anyone. I wore a grey suit to my day job, and at the weekends I travelled to retreats. I sought out teachers and healers – I followed my intuition.  I kept deepening my connection with my heart and my gut.

When Hay House told me they wanted to share my story, I knew it was time to come out of the chronic illness closet and share my message:

Your Intuition is your greatest Teacher. 

That self-compassion is the missing piece in true healing.

Now is the time to tread gently, to release the habit of frustration and anxiety with a gentle tenderness that heals.

And the deepest part of this journey is that as you find more balance – more wholeness – you transform your inner and outer environment.

You know – deeply in your dear gut – that the foods which heal your body, are the foods which heal the earth, and protect the diversity of our beautiful planet.

Now is the time to honour our true calling to heal ourselves and others.

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