The Mindful Gut Project

Did you know that around 1 in 5 people here in the UK suffer from IBS or abnormal bowel habits?

That’s a LOT of people. And the evidence is that young people are amongst those who are struggling most with both their gut health and their mental health.

In fact, Millennials have a significantly increased risk of bowel cancer – and there are likely a range of factors that increase the risk.
Cara has a long track record as an educator and coach. Cara shares her personal story as an anxious teen diagnosed with a chronic gut condition (IBD) whilst at university.

Cara shares her experience with others to inspire change in simple, doable steps.

At the Mindful Gut Project our work is to educate and inspire young people’s understanding of how gut health shapes physical, emotional and mental health!

The Mindful Gut is on a mission to inspire 1 million people to become the caretaker of their gut microbiome.

This work is covered under four guiding themes:
How can we support your wellbeing agenda?
To help staff and students understand the important link between the mind and the gut, Cara offers short talks and practical workshops.

Cara seeks to inspire your students around simple steps they can take to support their gut health and, potentially, their mental health.

To book an in-person or online chat with Cara to explore how she can help your wellbeing agenda, email her today…