Gut Health and Mental Health in the workplace

Did you know that 20% of people in the UK live with a gut health concern? What’s more, many people aren’t talking about this to their line manager. 

When you think about your own team, that’s a lot of people. 

According to research from the IBS Network, over £3billion per year is lost to UK businesses as a result of absences for gut health complaints. 

Here at the Mindful Gut we provide talks and workshops around wellbeing and gut health. 

The Mindful Gut Project aims to reduce this impact on your business, by providing you and your team with the latest information, guidance and support.

Hay House author and gut health expert Cara Wheatley-McGrain shares simple changes to diet and lifestyle that can positively impact the gut health of all your employees. 

Open up the conversation about good gut health in your workplace. Support your teams to feel more confident about simple, positive changes they can make to support good gut health and improved mental health.

If you’d like to know more about fun, interactive workshops that will leave you and your team feeling more confident about their gut health, contact us today.

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